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August 13, 2004 - 9:52 am


These are some things I wonder about, but not enough to do more than provide you with links to some of them:

1. Is there scale to fluid dynamics? I mean, intuitively, when I see those little models in the wind tunnel experiments, it seems like the results would not necessarily hold true for great big planes. Water definitely has scale (think Godzilla vs. Ultraman), so how about the physics of water? Scalable?

2. How did our ancestors come up with the process for baking bread? This is pure genius, and surely not an accident.

3. Why do I experience tinnitus in my right ear when I get stressed?

4. What exactly is in Power Bait that would make a rainbow trout smart enough to grow to 16” in length ignore her instincts and bite full force into a smelly ball of fluorescent dough? It feels like cheating to me, but this guy doesn't think so.

5. Whose bright idea at Verve Records was it to re-mix Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” as a dance number?

6. Is it more efficient for an engine to pull or to push? Why?

7. Why does the smell of my child’s neck after playing outside give me happy butterflies in my stomach, while other people’s kids just stink?

8. How big can the Disney/MGM/Time/Warner/Coke/Sony/Turner/McDonald’s conglomerate get before it falls prey to the inevitable effects of Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics and flies apart?

If anyone can shed some light on any of these subjects, please feel free to drop me a line.



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