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December 23, 2004 - 11:23 am


I’ve been really busy lately, what with the extreme Christmas pressure I put on myself and all. I baked eighteen lemon pound cakes this week. You heard me right. Eighteen. And then I packaged them in saran wrap and brown paper, tied them up with raffia and cinnamon sticks and delivered thirteen of them on Tuesday, along with bottles of wine all dressed up in chain mail.

I have shopped with joy for my precious children who are so happy and content that neither one could think of anything to ask of Santa for Christmas. Do you believe that? It’s totally true. I was tucking the Boy in bed the other night and reminded him we need to write a letter to Santa and he burst out in tears because he thought that since he couldn’t think of anything to ask for that Santa wouldn’t come at all. How sweet is that? Finally the Girl came up with a guitar and the Boy came up with a mirror on a stick. Don’t ask.

My dreams have been pretty crazy lately, too. The other night I dreamed I was having sex with Lucy Liu which is so random I can’t even begin to analyze it, other than perhaps I think she’s really hot. And, yes, it was just as good as you’d imagine it to be. Hey, at least it wasn’t Galileo again.

Then I had this timely conversation with my kids in the car the other day:

The Boy: Mom, who was the very first person ever on the earth, and how did they get here?
Me: That is a very good question and one of the biggest mysteries of the universe. No one knows for sure.
The Boy: If you’d told me who it was then I’d wonder who his mom was because then she’d be the very first person and then I’d wonder who her mom was and who her mom was.
The Girl: I thought it was Jesus.
Me: No, he wasn’t the first person, but he was a very important spiritual guy who lived a long time ago and spread a message of peace, love, and tolerance.
The Boy: Then why did they hang him from those stick thingies with nails in his hands? I bet that hurt.
Me: Believe it or not, that was how the government punished lots of people back then. Jesus’ message went against the ideas of the government and they thought he was too dangerous to have around.
The Boy: Then why didn’t they just put him in jail?
Me: Well, I’m not sure, but I guess they felt like he could still get his message out from jail and killing him was the only way to make sure he couldn’t continue saying things they didn’t like. But guess what?
Boy and Girl: What?
Me: It didn’t work. People still talk about him all over the world, and his message of peace, love, and tolerance is still being taught today, just like the messages of Muhammad, Buddha, Moses, and Lao-tzu even though they’ve all been gone from the earth for a long, long time. And that tells us the most important lesson of all, which is that your body may die, but your spirit lives on forever and ever, so you want to spend this life making your spirit a good one.
The Boy: Mom?
Me: Yes?
The Boy: Where does your spirit go when you die?
Me: Uhhm…Hey! Who wants ice cream!?!

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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