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January 31, 2005 - 9:44 am


Since I can't seem to find enough competitors to organize The Urban Olympics, Iíve decided to do another triathlon. Itís actually the same one I did last fall, only hopefully this time it wonít be between four hurricanes and I wonít almost drown. John got us a membership to the local YMCA, which is really nice and has a pool for doing laps. They have a great kidsí area, too, with a regulation sized pool table because we live in the Ďhood and thatís what kids do around here. Well, that and play basketball using street rules which means you bring your gun onto the court only when someone has flagrantly fouled you or has seriously dissed yoí mama.

Anyway, the triathlon is at the end of April, so Iíve got about 12 weeks to train. Iíll keep you posted on my increasing state of buffness and my kidsí rebound stats as the months roll on.

And in lieu of a real entry, here are some pictures.

This one is from this past weekend; (L to R) Julieís
son, my Girl, and my Boy playing in the ice.

This is from Christmas at my Grandmotherís
house. Notice the requisite grandmother-style
lamp and couch in the background.

And this is from this past Halloween.
The Girl is a Zombie Bride, and the Boy
is a Plain Old Zombie.

Hereís the Girl at her last ballet recital giving her friend a hug
for luck. Sheís beautiful and smart, too.


reading -The Principles of Psychology by William James
viewing - The Hours
listening -"If You Want Me to Stay" by Sly and the Family Stone

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