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August 10, 2004 - 9:01 am


Early Sunday morning John and I woke to the boy screaming, “Mommy! I need you! Mommy!”

Let me just tell you – you have never seen such superhero/panther reflexes in a human being until you see a woman jump out of bed from a deep sleep to the sound of her child’s blood-curdling screams in the middle of the night.

When we got to the kids’ room, we turned on the light and saw him sitting up on the top bunk, his face and hands covered in blood, crying that “I’m petrified” cry. There was blood bubbling out of his nose and dripping from his mouth and chin; it was all over the front of his pajamas and his sheets, and was beginning to drip down the ladder onto the rug. I swear it was like a Stephen King novel.

Now, before anyone calls DFCS, let me explain. The boy is prone to nose bleeds. He’s gotten them since he was about two, and his doctor has assured us it’s not a tumor. Some guys just have all the luck, I guess.

This nosebleed was extremely bad, and the trail of blood from the bedroom to the bathroom told a story of the tragic and gruesome end to a young boy’s life, cut down by a machete before it even began. It was my job to play it calm and reassure the boy this wasn’t his script.

He was fine a few minutes and a roll of toilet paper later.

Yesterday was his first day of kindergarten. He did great – no tears, no blood. I cried just a little bit, but I made sure he didn’t see it.

And since we’re on the subject of the boy, here are some of his most recent amusing quotes:

Me: We’re going to the office supply store for school supplies.
The Boy: Could I get a toy there?
Me: No, but maybe you could get something special for the first day of kindergarten.
The Boy: Like maybe some of those chatter teeth?

Me: See? This plant has a disease. It’s got a bug that’s eating its leaves and killing the plant.
The Boy: Oh, yeah. Just like war. Only no one eats anything….except maybe people at home watching the war on television.


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